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Dreamboat Bed - May 2012
Thanks so much to you both, its just gorgeous, please give Dave a big hug from us!!!! We really appreciate all the little details, the special screws for the hold flap, and the interlocking bow. It looks just so beautiful I almost cried when it was put together. And it smells AMAZING! Thanks so much
Georgie and Oskar - Christchurch

Dreamboat Bed - May 29th 2012
Our dream boat arrived yesterday.  I managed to put it together with out breaking a nail, and our daughter played in it all afternoon.  And slept the whole night without getting up once! It smells so good too. We are very happy with our beautiful new bed, I"m so glad we found you guys instead of opting for a cheap import. I am now saving up for one of your lovely alpaca blankets.  I'm glad there are people making quality things from natural products locally, I have told everyone I know about our new hand made bed. Thank you!

Alperino Adult Pillow - April 22nd 2012
The pillow is great, I was having trouble with a bad pain in my shoulder and since using this pillow have slept soundly and the pain has almost gone. Best investment I have made for quite sometime.

I also recently bought one of your Dreamy duvets for my grandson and he just loves snuggling into it in his cot. It keeps him so cosy and warm.
Sue - Wellington

Single Porthole Bed - April 20th 2012
The bed arrived safely and we are very happy with it. It looks great in our son's room (the colours are perfect) and it has been a big hit with him - the transition from cot to bed went very well; he loves his 'big boat bed'. Thanks very much, Kind regards,
Catherine - Auckland

Alperino Adult Pillow - March 2012
Recently I had to throw out the old pillow that I have loved and used for years, which was my grandmother's made from goosedown.I am really fussy about my pillow and I am so happy to now have your alperino pillow which I have been using for the past few weeks. It is the best - really comfortable, not hard at all, and maintains its shape and form really well .I have slept so well on it and am thrilled to find a wonderful replacement for my old pillow that I was so attached to. I am recommending your pillows to all my friends - they are awesome and thank you so much.
 Rosi - Napier.

Dreamy de Luxe Duvet  March 2012
Our little boy is loving his Dreamy. He used to throw all his blankets out of the cot - all the time - then he would get cold and wake us up. He didn't like being in a sleep bag either. Since we gave him an alpaca Dreamy duvet he has been great - he never throws it out and he sleeps really well. We have been amazed at the difference it has made - for him and for us! Good luck with your business - we think your products are excellent and we love that they are made here in the Bay.
Ryan  - Hastings

Dream Creations Swing - January 2012
Hi Dave, Thanks for delivering your Dream Creations swing this morning, it was so good of you to take the trouble to run it round yourself! I am still speechless!! The quality is faultless, I'm not sure what i expected but it has blown my mind! The expression on Claudias face was worth a thousand times what we paid, we will treasure the boat for many years to come! I will post a picture of the girls in the boat as soon as we have it suspended from the deck!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!! Nadine

Hawkes Bay Child and Baby Show 2011
We had a great time at the Hawkes Bay Child and Baby show last weekend 27th August 2011 - good to meet so many mums and mums to be! (& dads!) Congratulations to the winner of one of our 'Dreamy' Anti-Allergy Cot Duvet Quilt, Lan Weir of Napier. One more little one to enjoy her Dreamy!

Tuesday 6th September 2011: Thank you so much, it is beautiful!!! One very lucky little girl here! Lan Weir, Napier, New Zealand

Alpaca Cot Duvet Quilt July 2010: I purchased an Alpaca Cot Duvet for my little girl when she was only 5 months old, I used to put four woolen blankets on her bed during the winter and she would always manage to wriggle her way out of them during the night and then would get cold.  Now I only have one really light duvet on her and it is soooo warm.  I don't need to worry about her in the middle of the night.  Happy mum = happy rested baby! Thank you so much!  I just wish we could have an adult sized one...  Sally. Napier, New Zealand

Our little 17 month boy George has been a restless sleeper from day one. He is a ‘hot’ baby and always wakes sweaty, throwing all his bedding off. Then he gets cold and we have these terrible yo-yo nights, up and down to him, worrying constantly about his well-being. That all changed when we were given an alpaca Dreamy! The result was instant and dramatic. George slept all night for the first time and has continued to do so. He is happy & so are we! Your Dreamy duvet is just the best thing ever!' Nicola, Havelock North, New Zealand
Is the Dreamy comforter similar to a Cot duvet? Won't my toddler outgrow this very quickly?
The Dreamy is a similar size to some of the larger cot duvets. Alpaca Dream thought long and hard about sizing and we talked to lots of mums and dads about what kids need. We found that kids were dragging older brother or sister's duvet to cuddle up on the couch! We found parents were taking heaps of bedding for sleepovers at Grandma's! When we trialled the smaller Dreamy duvet, it was a bit like the Goldilocks story - this size was just right! Children of 5 years and older were still using their Dreamy on the bed as an extra, and as a cosy bedmate for sleepovers. Kids just love that their Dreamy is easy to take here and there - it is so much more than just a Cot Duvet! So, your child's Dreamy will last for ages - and when it really is too small, put it away for the next lucky baby.Your Dreamy is made to last!
How does a Dreamy compare in warmth to other bedding such as blankets?
The Dreamy de Luxe is equivalent in warmth to three average wool blankets. The de Light provides half this warmth. The big difference though is that children don't overheat as the alpaca fleece enables the body to maintain a regular temperature - neither too hot nor too cold.
Why do you recommend dry cleaning for the Dreamy? Could I wash it myself?
We recommend dry cleaning because the alpaca fleece inside is like a wool batt which is light and airy.If this is agitated in water it is likely to become felted and thus would lose its great thermostatic, insulating quality.However, if you need to do just a spot wash you can safely sponge a small area of the duvet with warm soapy water, then sponge dry with clean water. Generally. if you always use a cover and air the duvet frequently it should remain fresh and clean.
Why is the Dreamy Duvet not machine stitched like other duvets? Won't the alpaca filling move inside if it is not stitched?
The way we have designed these duvets with their unique felt rose buttons is not just to create a nice visual effect. The reason we do not machine stitch is to allow the alpaca inner to maintain its natural loft as this allows for maximum warmth and insulation.The inner batt is created in one piece in the processing phase and will not shift as is the case in most other duvets. You can shake this duvet to air it as often as you like and the inner will remain firmly in place!

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