Alpaca and Alperino
Anti-Allergy Child and Adult Pillows

Adult Alperino Pillow
Alpacadream is now producing a new product - the all natural, anti-allergy Alperino pillows, as well as our tried and true 100% Alpaca wool pillows. Alperino is our new trademark fleece filling, made from 80% home-grown Alpaca fleece with 20% NZ Merino. All pillows are covered with high thread count 100% cotton  so all in all this helps to give optimum sleep comfort to you and your child, free from dust-mites, fully breathable & cosy.

Deep sleep comfort!

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    Child size: 300mm X 500mm  250gms Alperino or Alpaca filling
Adult size: 750mm X 450mm   800gms Alpaca filling       Firm
                  750mm X 450mm   800gms Alperino filling    Firm
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