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Alpacadream believes in authenticity, quality and beautiful design. Our luxurious Cot Duvet is all of this and more...
Anti-Allergy Cot Duvet Quilts
Dreamy de Luxe Suited to cooler climate 600gm Fleece
Dreamy de Light Suited to warmer climate 300gm Fleece

How Does Alpaca Compare? Unlike most other pillow fillings, Alpaca fibre does not have any of the disadvantages found with other types. Alpaca fibre is the top result for all attributes and is highly praised for being the only filling not to lack a one of these single qualities.

Why so special? Alpacas are native to South America where they live in temperature from well under 0 to over 35 degC. The special attributes of Alpaca fleece are what enables these animals to keep warm in winter and cool in summer.  Their soft lustrous fleece has hollow fibres which is the key to this amazing ability for temperature control.  The porous quality of the fibre means that it does not retain moisture and most importantly, is fully breathable and ever so light. Alpaca fleece itself is resistant to dust mite infestation, so combined with high thread count, 100% cotton covering, the Dreamy provides your child with allergy-free sleep and comfort. The Dreamy assists greatly with controlling body temperature, keeping your child neither too hot nor too cold, thus facilitating a health-giving, long & uninterrupted sleep.

Loved and Lasts for Years - Your child will use a Dreamy way beyond the short time spent in a cot. While it certainly fits the cot, it is totally suited to go onto a bigger bed and to provide cosy comfort for several years. Children love that their Dreamy cot duvet quilt is made to fit them - small enough to carry to the couch, take to Grandma’s, or just to snuggle up anywhere. The Dreamy is not left behind when the cot goes into storage!

A Quality Heirloom Gift - Small wonder that, for all these reasons, the Dreamy has proven to be a popular gift choice for the new baby and grandchild! Frieght Charges. Due to popular demand, Alpacadream now makes the Dreamy in a lighter, summer weight too. Our ever popular Dreamy de Luxe for winter, and not the Dreamy de Light for those warmer summer months. We also have beautiful hand made New Zealand Covers available.

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Dreamy de Light
Dreamy de Luxe

Dreamy de Light Duvet

Dreamy de Luxe Duvet
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1 metre x 1.25 metres
1 metre x 1.25 metres